You’re the Hub.

Your life is a wheel. You are the hub. You are the pivot point, the energetic center, the origin of what kind of life you have.

You’re connected to all kinds of spokes going outward, but no one else is the hub.

You’re the hub.

Is there something you’re waiting for to have a full life?

Is there someone on whose approval your happiness depends?

You’re the hub of your amazing life.

  • Listen to Richard’s only rap song, “Move.”
  • Listen to Trish’s lovely non-rap song, “Ready.”

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One response to “You’re the Hub.

  • Lori Troupe

    How could I have not heard this rap? You should do more of aforementioned activity, from your hubness..

    Your blog as really touched me, I’m so glad you decided to move on that idea and looks like you’ve really found your groove..

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